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  • 30 January 2020


We want to say thank you for 5 years of working together. Together we went through ascents and storms, new features and bugs. We have managed to create a friendly and allegianced community, that is ready to help newcomers, play roundelays and create their own raids, and we are very happy about that.

We are very grateful that you made plenty of suggestions to every our step, exploded developers' personal messages, and tested mechanics looking for the truth, fought at tournaments, battlegrounds and ranked battles.

After 4.1.10 patch Starfall Online became the non-commercial project. "Snowforged Entertainment" studio will be disbanded. Enthusiasts will continue project development but from now on Ranked mode becomes the main priority instead of global MMO.

Now you can't buy any symplex packages but you'll be able to purchase ship slots, decals, and e.t.c. using credits. The craft and ships' progression resetting have changed in the same way.

With patch we released the English version of Starfall Online and one more good news - we are waiting for approval to enter in Steam.

We want to thank some players, that did a lot of things for the community and game evolution - here is the list:

DIEHARD25 - Domination Cup winner, Winter Cup silver medalist, Halloween cup bronze medalist, Galaxy Explorer, streamer, Starfall Online  Discord-server moderator and head of Board Of Minerva house (Eclipse)

Enuw - Starfall Online  Discord-server moderator, wiki filler, head or Freeman Republic house (Deprived)

Идущий - Youtuber, ex-head of Board of Minerva house (Eclipse)

Blizzardrix - streamer (Vanguard)

MenY - wiki developer, 4k Eta map creator (Vanguard)

Zibloid - wiki filler (Deprived)

UNserg - wiki filler (Eclipse)

SLONIK - Galaxy Explorer and galaxy video map creator (More than 5 300 star system discovered) (Deprived)

Sheepnator - Domination Cup, Winter Cup bronze medalist, Halloween Cup bronze medalist

DragonInferno -  Winter Cup winner

Manni - Galaxy Explorer

Patch note

Starfall Online servers will be shut down for maintenance and patch setup 30.01 from 09.30 to 11.30 CET


  • When you launch the game now you need to choose discovery or ranked mode.
  • Ranked mode draft has been updated.
  • Ranked mode interface has been updated.

  • Ranked MMR have been updated:
    • All commanders start from 1 000 MMR;
    • You have won the game? +20 MMR. Lost? -20;
    • If you have much more MMR than your opponent, you will get less MMR in case of win;
    • You won't get MMR if take part in custom games.
  • Raid is here! You can start it at any level. Just go to training missions and choose the difficulty. You can go to raid solo or in a group of 3 people. Raid reward consists of a rocket launcher, a new module, and a ship. You can find more information at the end of the patch note.

  • The English version is available. You can choose the language in settings.
  • Battle contract has been updated. It consists of 100 levels. Have finished this contract you will get 5 new ships and a unique weapon. You can find more information at the end of the patch note.
  • Russian voice ship reaction has been updated. The English version is coming. ;)
  • Universe has been updated. It becomes more structured. Every system group now has its gate, quests, and pirates.
  • The battleground has been added. You can find it at the right top menu. It's available when as soon as you get 29 lvl.
  • All pirates have been updated. 
  • A lot of new weapons have been added.
  • Credits have been added. You can find it at the right top menu.

Raid rewards

Antimatter torpedo "Juggernaut". Weapon card.

Warp-mirror module. With this module you can swap 2 ships with warp. Module card.

Drednout K-273. Layout, TTX, lethal zone, mod tree.

Battle contract rewards

Melting rocket "DOOM". Weapon card.

Battlecruiser Slash. LayoutTTXlethal zonemod tree.

Battlecruiser Nero. LayoutTTXlethal zonemod tree.

Battlecruiser Heresy. LayoutTTXlethal zone, mod tree.

Battleship Eko. LayoutTTXlethal zonemod tree.

Dredount Argus.  LayoutTTXlethal zonemod tree.

You can discuss the news at our Discord-server.

Starfall Online: Happy New Year!