Dev Diary #4: Designing a spaceship from scratchSubscribe to RSS

April 03, 2015

Hey, folks! 

This dev diary is a little different from the ones released so far. How so?

It's a video! Yaaay.  Words are boring anyway.

In this first installment of our new and exciting blog format (aka me messing around in Premiere for a few hours), I'm going to design and draw a spaceship from scratch. You'll get to witness first-hand the creation of a spaceship for the Deprived faction. We'll start with a rough sketch and end up with a more or less fleshed out artwork that our 3D artist can use as a reference. 

I think It's the largest vessel the Deprived faction  has so far! Recording this process with a smaller ship would've worked better for the purposes of the video, but this post was  long overdue, so I just went with it.

Let us know if you'd like to see more content of this type. You can do that by leaving a post on  our forums   or commenting on the YouTube video below.

- D.Van out!

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