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November 21, 2016

Pre-Alpha Faction Wars test in Starfall Tactics is over and we start preparation for the next test! 

Thanks everybody who participated in this test - we really appreciate your help in hunting all these bugs, crashing the game, finding other issues and giving us valuable feedback -  this will help us make the game more enjoyable for you! We also prepared a survey which can help us get your impressions about the game - please, take a minute to fill it out or simply leave some feedback on our forum!

In the next sprint of development we are going to concenrate on fixing most issues and bugs, and improving existing features. We will also extend content with a couple features (take in accoun that this list might change):

  • Ship Progression
  • Detachment bonuses
  • Extraction Mode
  • New modules
  • New ships
  • and more!

See you in the next Faction Wars pre-Alpha test - get ready for further Galaxy Conquest in Starfall Tactics!

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