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June 17, 2016

Hey, guys!

Only a few days past since we finished the first test event, and we already started preparing for the next Alpha test, and it's time to tell you about well-earned rewards!

Galaxy Explorers

As you remember, to get a forum title and an extra booster pack you needed to complete three easy (at least, as we think so) goals:

  • Destroy a pirate fleet 
  • Play a PvP Skirmish match
  • Name a planet or a star

During this test you named only the smallest part of all stars and planets! So, if you are the one who missed this event - don't worry, as you still have a chance to get a planet of your own :) 

And the ones who completed all three goals are getting a forum title "Galaxy Explorer". It will appear within the next few days (design elfs are working on it) - let us know if you believe you qualified, but do not see the badge after June 21th. The second part of the reward, a booster, will be given with the start of Steam Early Access - just when it will make more sense for the start of your journey. Besides, we have an explorer who managed to name much more planets and stars than other players - Helsync gave names to 154 stars and planets and he also gets the reward!

We also want to thank everybody for the great thing you've done while finding all bugs and mistakes - this helps in making this game more enjoyable not only for you, but for all other players who will start their journey in Starfall Tactics! And let us present the ones who've been the most active while sending us bug reports along with the feedback: Pwnstar, NightDreamer, Kmpdigital, Ludatan, GrandWar, Diehard25, Dream3r, Iduzhii, Grayknight and Danielius. You are also getting the Galaxy Explorer title and an extra booster upon Early Access release!

Future plans

You often ask us when will we start the next test - and it's a pleasure to know that you want to play Starfall Tactics more. We want your next experience to be better and more interesting - and our team is taking time to fix some bugs, tune some gameplay elements and add new content! By the way, have you seen our Content Roadmap? We urge to read it and make sure we haven't missed anything important for you!

Just to let you know - we're currently preparing these features for the next test:

  • Full Fleet progression
  • Tutorials to help you learn the basics
  • New PvE missions, PvP modes and maps
  • 2x2 quick PvP matches
  • Co-op modes
  • New modules and ships
  • Codex, where you'll find information about all ships and modules in the game

While taking this break, we'll make sure to post some updates on new features and let you learn more about Starfall Tactics!

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