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June 13, 2016

First test event in Starfall Tactics has just finished! 

But don't go away for too long - once we fix all issues and add some extra content, Starfall Tactics will welcome you again! Many thanks for the great help in making the game better - all bugs, mistakes, issues and feedback you submitted to us will be reviewed. We additionaly ask you to take a minute and complete this survey to let us know YOUR impressions about this pre-alpha event - this will help us in further development.

Interested in what are we going to add? Here are only a few important things in our roadmap for the nearest future:

  • Full Fleet and Ship progression
  • Tutorials
  • New PvE missions, PvP modes and maps
  • 2x2 and 3x3 quick PvP matches
  • Party system, instances and events
  • New faction ship cards
  • New modules and ships
  • Card desriptions and codex

And many other things like faction wars, clan wars, planet colonization and so on! Just look at our roadmap to make sure we haven't missed your favourite feature!

We'll also tell you about rewards as soon as we collect all data - don't miss it!

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