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October 31, 2015

Hooray, it's Halloween time!

This horrowing holiday has a long history and it's own strong traditions which, despite of some modern-reality changes, is still a common and respected event.

It's been a long time since Exodus and there were not so many reasons for celebrations since then. The Humanity is changing, and with it come changes to their lifestyle, habits and traditions. Traditions, many of which were forgotten by those who left Mother Earth, as it was dying in agony, while others were defamed, destorted or even simply banned.

Halloween is one of the few traditions which has this long life. This could have happend because so many people wanted to believe that scary costumes, witches, skeletons and evil pumpkins are the most terrible things in the world, enforced by the separation of Eclipse Inc. from Vanguard, which took place in exactly the same day. There is no evidence to show how exactly it happend, but now this is a double-date for Starfall Tactics' world, and you can even see giant pumpkins floating in space and insidiously smiling at your fleet.

Have a blast, as nobody knows when we'll have a chance to celebrate it next time - the War is coming. 

Happy Halloween!

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