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February 13, 2018


The next Starfall Tactics test is almost here and it's open for everyone - no keys required! The New Frontiers Open test starts 21st February 12:00 CET and ends 4th March 23:59 CET! Domination Tournament with a live stream and dev commentaries will also be held during the first weekend in March.

All you need to start playing Starfall Tactics is to register on our website and download the game - pre-load will be available and announced separately. We remind you that the game is not available for x32 systems during tests, is not yet well-optimized and needs your help in a breathtaking bug-hunting process. Got troubles or want to report something? Use #help & #bugreport Discord channel, create a topic on the forum or send a letter to!

The New Frontiers Test features a complete rebalance for various game aspects and a great update for the MMO mode: new NPC faction, Rings system, ships, weapons, mining system, tasks, pirate fleets, detachments, PVP mode, recall system, ship model progression and more. Make sure you are ready to explore confines of the known space, discover new frontiers and make your way through all the seven Rings of Starfall Tactics Galaxy!

See you soon in Starfall Tactics!

So, what's new?

What's new? Well, there are a lot of things to check:

  • New PvP mode - Domination
  • Custom games
  • New recipes
  • New tasks
  • New ships - battlecruisers
  • Weapons
  • Party system for the MMO mode
  • Recall system which allows you to warp in additional ships on the Galaxy map
  • The first neutral faction - Mineworkers
  • Ship model progression
  • Rebalance for special modules, shields, armor, weapons, layouts and hull characteristics.
  • Reworked pirate fleets
  • Rings system
  • Equipment quality system
  • Reworked detachments
  • Cool quest rewards
  • Special fleet abilities for the global map (to be announced in the next WIP!)
  • New visual ship customization abilities
  • And various improvements, designed to make your playtime even more enjoyable!

And that's not the full list of all the great things we've prepared for you - full patch notes will be available later.


Warning: Work in Progress

Please, be kind to us if experiencing any problems with the game while evaluating Starfall Tactics - it's a rough version created for testing purposes and there is a lot of content we are still working hard on. We will really appreciate you sending us bug reports and submitting any feedback by email to, via contact form or writing about it in a special forum. We will work on fixing any issues once this test phase ends and are going to add more content before next test, early access and, especially, full release.

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