List of changes for the 2nd Faction Wars Pre-Alpha Test (Patch Notes)Subscribe to RSS

December 15, 2016

Hey Commander! Faction Wars test continues very soon - get ready to join the battle and read the list of the most important changes we've been working hard on during this month:

Faction Wars:

  • Pirate Motherships
  • Levels for Pirate fleets
  • Ability to attack pirate bases and special instances for it
  • Pirate raids on faction systems
  • Ability to attack freighters, patrols and rob colonies for pirates
  • Discovery battle Map generation - battle maps will be generated randomly
  • Player Ranks on Galaxy Map now can be seen near player fleet

Other changes and improvements:

  • Complete PvE Survival rework
  • Plasma Web Module rework
  • Ship destruction effects added
  • Slight mass/speed rebalance
  • New ship trails
  • Card Descriptions
  • Splash screen
  • Effect for opening cards from boosters added
  • Battle notifications added
  • Icon added for ships in nebulas
  • We also continued doing some optimization for effects and other game aspects
  • Detailed info on pressing Alt in fleet editor now should be displayed properly
  • Dragging items with SHIFT button now works correctly
  • Several problems with interface not scaling for other resolutions except of 16:9 have been solved
  • Unlimited cargo issue fixed
  • Some issues with server stability and synchronization were fixed
  • and a lot of other minor changes.

Please note, that most requirements related to IGC, reputation and experience points have been lowered specifically for pre-alpha tests. All previous progress, except for Houses created, was fully wiped to escape possible problems and let newcomers start in equal conditions with other players. House creation will not require any specific reputation level and will be available for free on any faction Mothership. Number of captured Key Positions (instances) required to destroy an enemy structure will be lowered to 2 for Supply Station, 4 for Outpost, 6 for Mothership. Ships Progression and detachment bonuses are still not available during this test.

And that's not the full list of changes we implemented - there are also a lot of bugs we fixed and we hope that you can help us find the rest of them! Feel free to let us know about all bugs and issues by sending a letter to our e-mail or writing about it on forum.

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