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November 16, 2016

Starfall Tactics' Pre-Alpha Faction Wars test is almost here and we've just prepared a list of most interesting general changes from previous test:

Faction Wars:

Other new features and content:

  • Full Fleet progression: all levels are unlocked.
  • 8 new ships: Arco, Abaris, Libra, Ancile, Halley, Gwydion, Skullstar and Faust.
  • 2 ships reworked: Advisor was retextured and Pilgrim was replaced with Nomad.
  • 15 new special modules: Engine Boost, Weapon Overload, Warp Homer, Sensor Disabler, Mass Shield, Mass Stealth, Ammo Dispenser, Aiming Hack system, Warp Interference, Stasis, Nebula Generator, Shield Overload, Cluster Missile and Energy Core.
  • New mine: Neutron Mine – focused on destroying crew.
  • New Weapons – Disintegration Ray, Protonic Torpedo Launcher, Melted Avalanche, CQC Laser, Plasma Missile Launcher, Heavy Cannon.
  • New armor: Adaptive Armor and Reactive armor.
  • Ping Commands – now, by pushing Ctrl + LB, you can trigger alert signals visible for your allies.
  • Getting a copy of a blueprint you already have is no longer a waste of money! Now you can get additional copies from your Mothership and sell itat the Black Market.

Balance improvements:

  • We did control points rework and rebalance to make them more important and increase “come back” possibility. Read about it here.
  • WP income rebalanced and reworked.
  • Motherships now passively restore health and have a new defensive skill which deals huge AOE damage but has a very long cooldown.
  • Capacity cost for lasers and some other weapons was changed.
  • Capacity limit was changed for some ships.
  • Shields now stop regeneration after being fully destroyed and start to regenerate again in 12 seconds.
  • We reduced the number of exclusive blueprints you can choose between while getting new levels to 3. This will help us keep more modules available for you.

Other changes and improvements:

  • Interface was reworked. Forget about boring gray colors – only green, only sci-fi looking!
  • We’ve added Information boxes for Discovery mode to let you quickly get information about surroundings.
  • Now you can choose how many items you want to drag to or from inventory by holding SHIFT while clicking on them. 
  • Health bars were reworked to look more sci-fi and clear.
  • Ship Movement aspect was significantly changed – this can result in better ships' behavior. Perhaps.
  • Ability to change key Bindings is added to "Settings" menu.
  • We did some optimization for effects and other game aspects - now Starfall Tactics should perform better in some situations.
  • Faction Planets - you can now see them on the background in main menu.
  • There is a party chat in quick matches used to communicate with allies.
  • All ships, which fly away from the battlefield during quick matches, crossing its borders, will now be destroyed.
  • Most effects and states now can be seen as small icons above ships.
  • Warp Jump now has its own special effect.
  • All ships now have its class icons. Deal with it.
  • Some effects got minor changes.
  • Boarding capsule now has its own model.
  • and lot of other minor changes.

Please note, that most requirements related to IGC, reputation and experience points have been lowered specifically for pre-alpha tests. All previous progress was fully wiped to escape possible problems and let newcomers start in equal conditions with other players. Also, House creation will not require any specific reputation level and will be available for free on any faction Mothership. Number of captured Key Positions (instances) required to destroy enemy structure will be lowered to 2 for Supply Station, 4 for Outpost, 6 for Mothership. Ships Progression and detachment bonuses are not available during this test.

We've also fixed a bunch of bugs and are ready to let you find more! We're counting on you - feel free to write us about bugs at our forum or report it by e-mail

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November 2016