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February 21, 2018

Commanders, we've prepared a huge list with all the important changes since the previous test:

MMO mode content and improvements:

  • New Frontiers: Now rings divide Outer Regions to some smaller zones you can explore. To get to the next level of the Galaxy and enter the new Ring, you will need to craft a special item - Access key.  These key can be crafted from different elements which can be found in the current ring.
  • Mining reworked: Now each mining field contains fixed amount of resources, but % of each resource can vary. Also, now all resources are spread around the mining instance and you need to scan them.
  • Added new functions for neutral planets:
    • Drop off cargo - allows to send all fleet cargo to your storage for a certain amount of IGC.
    • Dock to Shipyard - allows to directly dock your fleet to Shipyard without a need to first use a warp jump. Requires the same amount of IGC as a Warp To Location function.
  • Added new Recall system - you now can warp in new ships in exchange to destroyed ones, using a special button in your action bar on the Galaxy map.
  • Implemented fleet invulnerability: now your fleet is invulnerable when you leave instance or deploy to the Galaxy map.
  • New item quality system and upgrade stations: now there are there are Defective, Normal and Improved versions of each equipment, with a slight difference in characteristics. They can be upgraded on Repair Stations and Science Stations.
  • Special abilities for the MMO mode: now your fleet gets abilities with new levels - you can use them on the Galaxy map.
  • New NPC Faction - Mineworkers neutral faction, ships and bases.
  • Context tips and starting tutorials are available now - However, if you don't need it, open console (~) and type "ToggleSFTutorial" to switch it off.
  • New XP system: now each npc contains a fixed amount of XP. Also, you can see XP numbers when ships gets it (can be disabled in settings). Also, ships now get xp even if they don't do any damage, but are close enough to the target.
  • Party system: Now you can gather a party with 3 members at maximum and complete quests together.
  • Ship Model Progression: Now only basic models of each ship will be available. To get access to others - level up basic models.
  • Item shop: Basic monetization model for Starfall Tactics is in action! Right now all the goods are free and have a placeholder price.
  • Improvements for a shipyard
  • Warp Gates changed to Warp Anomalies
  • New detachments and starting fleets
  • New rewards from pirates and bases.
  • Portraits for task-givers
  • Added level up animation for ships
  • Added new tasks
  • New NPC fleets and improvements in their behavior
  • New beautiful skyboxes
  • Added new recipes
  • New ship path animation
  • Trading posts won't stay emty anymore - they will add new goods with time, if previous goods are purchased.
  • Added special sign for systems with Rich asteroid fields and upgrade stations.
  • Various interface improvements
  • And much more!

Ranked Mode content and improvements:

  • New Ranked PvP game mode - Domination:
    • There are no Motherships in this mode.
    • You can warp in ships just like in Duels (it will also consume your WP, as usual)
    • you have special areas for warping in.
    • You have constant income of WP, which uses just the same rules, as usual Duels
    • Control Points you capture don't require WP to be upgraded - they automatically upgrade to Support Stations now.
    • Captured Control Points give you domination points. You need a certain amount of these points in order to win.
  • Two new maps for the Domination mode
  • Custom Games mode - a custom mode where you can choose a map, invite freinds and spectators.
  • New Draft - Various changes to equipment set for Ranked mode
  • Advanced ship customization: Patterns for your ships are now available! Note: although there are also decals, they are not yet visible on ships.

General improvements and content:

  • General rebalance. In particular:
    • Decreased required capacity for all weapons
    • Increased kinetic weapon damage
    • Rebalanced damage for long range weapons
    • Full Weapon Rebalance (characteristics)
    • General Module Rebalance (sizes)
    • Shield Rebalance (characteristics)
    • Slight armor rebalance (characteristics)
    • New Engineering bays for ships and hull characteristics
    • Self-destruction module rework: now it deals fixed amount of damage
    • Ammo removal: there are no more ammo in the game now.
  • Adandon ship button is now functional - you can activate it if your ship is not under fire - it will initiate self-destruction.
  • Stealthed ships won't autoattack now
  • New weapons and damage types:
    • Hornet Rocket Launcher - 2x3 missile weapon, Tech-level 3.
    • Thermic Cannon - 1x3 ballistics, Tech-Level 2.
    • High Energy Ion Beam - 4х1 beam weapon, Tech-Level 2, new damage type - Ion.
    • Ion Rocket Launcher - 1x1 missile weapon, Tech-Level 3, new damage type - Ion.
    • High-focused laser - 1x4 beam weapon, Tech-Level 2.
    • X-ray laser - 2x1 beam weapon, Tech-Level 3.
    • Assault Battery - 4x1 ballistics, Tech-Level 3.
    • Heavy Battery - 4x2 ballistics, Tech-Level 3.
    • Antimatter cannon - 3x3 ballistics, Tech-Level 4, new damage type - Antimatter.
    • Plasma Beam - 4x2 beam weapon, Tech-Level 3.
    • Plasma Javelin - 1x1 ballistics, Tech-Level 4.
  • Added freind request notification
  • New ships:
    • Battlecruiser-class freighters: Artaban, Sampo and Ursula
  • Ram module gets a special effect.


  • Various special modules fixes, in particular:
    • Decoy module won't trigger mines any more.
    • Fighters should now be correctly displayed during battles.
    • Directional shield now scale correctly on all ships.
    • Fixed crashes caused by Emission Detector.
    • Ships under MassShield should now shoot.
    • Decoy now can't be boarded.
  • Ships now shouldn't warp into the battlefield outside of the rim of the map.
  • Ships without crew shouldn't be able to shoot now.
  • Layouts of other ships shouldn't appear when you add a new one in a Ranked mode.
  • Ships will no more try to get into the middle of a control point.
  • House system fixes.
  • Alpha mods fixes.
  • Fixed crashes caused by rich asteroid fields.
  • Ships now will correctly get to loot box and open it.
  • Fixed issues which could make your character stuck on the Galaxy map without ability to continue or drop session.
  • Friend requests now should work.
  • Equipment in Ranked mode now will return correctly to the list of the available equipment.
  • Fixed crashes caused by progression trees.
  • You can now enter the same instance twice correctly.
  • Pirate Bases won't spawn on a territory claimed by faction.
  • Fixed Airlock Item function.
  • Fixed transfer Cargo button.
  • Blackmarkets won't be duplicated anymore.
  • and many other fixes.

Features which are not available during this test:

  • Co-op matches
  • Brawls
  • Noxophytes race
  • Random events
  • Character profile
  • War Room
  • and some others we will sure add into the game later!
Please note, that most requirements related to IGC, reputation and experience points are still not completely actual. All previous progress was fully wiped to escape possible problems and let newcomers start in equal conditions with other players.
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February 2018