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August 09, 2018

Commanders, we've prepared a huge list with all the important changes since the previous test:



  • Now you start your Galaxy exploration and, accordingly, count level of anomalies from the edges of the galaxy, so that closer to the center are now all the high-level bases, pirates and the 7th level of anomalies.
  • Faction quest lines which also provide you access to the next level of Vortexes now (no text right now!). Note: Not all quest texts are in the game now.
  • Upgraded Crafting system: Components, Disassembling and more - check WIP articles for more info.
  • New Ship Crafting system
  • New Warp Anomaly(Vortex) system
  • New NPC Faction - Free Traders (in a basic version)
  • New Pirate Stations - Outposts
  • New Ships for Deprived - “Newtons” are available in the game now
  • Basic Localization (RU) - still missing some translations. Will be there soon.
  • Hidden Locations
  • Strike back system for pirates
  • New docking system
  • Basic achievements


Improvements and new content:

  • The extended Character Progression system: There are 100 character levels now. Hooray!:)
  • New Autopilot and Pathfinding in star systems
  • New Faction Abilities
  • New Detachments
  • New task types -  well, lots of them!
  • New detachments now become available once you get new access level
  • New planets, instance backgrounds, lights
  • New Galaxy Map
  • New line for ship paths
  • New tooltips
  • New Modules - AutoSelf Destruction, Warp Nullifier, HardEMP, Warp Distortion, Weapon System Disabler, Distorted Stasis Module, Modules Disrupt Module, Plasma Arc, Floating Nebula Generator, BHS Launcher
  • New item cards
  • New interfaces
  • New layer for the Fog Of War which hides obstacles and other objects
  • New checkpoints - Gates
  • New Pirate fleet types and quest types
  • Shields Rework: Global changes to shields, a total amount of shields was also increased
  • Cargo rework - more place to store items!
  • IGC is now taken for removing equipment from your ship and installing a new one
  • Ship progression: Spending mod points now requires IGC
  • Ships which are in a nebula will be visible for other ships, even if they are not in the nebula, at 1000m range
  • There must be more Mineworkers ships in the Galaxy now as we’ve changed their behavior
  • Pirate Bases and fleets now have special names
  • Implemented new renegade system: Now you can choose if you want to declare a player renegade or ignore it
  • Warp Anomalies now have a new name on the star system map - "Vortex", with an additional part before it, which identifies access level you need to pass through it - Alpha, Beta, Gamma and etc.



  • Pirate won't attack you if you have 2 or more access levels more than this pirate
  • Punishers won’t attack docked fleets anymore
  • Punishers won’t go to home faction system anymore
  • Punishing fleets now have according levels and bosses, while aggro level for each fleet was lowered
  • Redesigned color of connections between systems on the galaxy map
  • Now you don’t have to dock to the Gate to make it available - just discover it.
  • Planet names now have a symbol limit
  • Advanced Sensor fixes
  • Fixed Dangerous Asteroid Fields
  • Salvage won’t drop salvages parts to freighters, patrols and other wrong allied ships.
  • Warp Jump fleet ability fixes
  • You won’t be able to get more modules in Ranked Mode when it’s allowed
  • Fixed Fleet Abilities Cooldowns
  • Ships won’t appear in session results if you haven’t used them
  • Fixed Several Pirate base issues, including one which could leave you without an ability to get back inside it
  • Fixed several UI issues
  • List of available Gates now must be shown correctly
  • Cargo of other fleets won’t be added to your cargo anymore
  • Now you correctly get your level even if you drop session
  • Freighters won’t get stuck between two systems anymore
  • Fixed crashes caused by Mining Ships projects
  • Quest signs now disappear correctly when you get a quest
  • Fixed mineworkers ship blueprints issues
  • Removed undiscovered stars from the Galaxy map.
  • Other interface functions must now be locked when you are in a house member invite menu
  • Buttons 1,2,3 won't trigger fleet abilities when you write it in the chat + related fixes
  • Now you get 10% of ship WP cost as Winning Points when you destroy an enemy ship in the Domination mode
  • Now you can check layouts of all faction ships in the Ship Building menu even if you haven't yet unlocked them
  • If there are more then 7 weapons in a hardpoint, they combine into one icon in the battle interface
  • Mothership inventory gets filters
  • Custom skin now correctly saves on ships
  • Ice Skin for Tarnhelm St-32 now works correctly
  • Button "LeaveSector" now correctly appears if you re-enter instance where you fight against pirates
  • You can now correctly include "turn" command into the command queue
  • Improved game loading time
  • Button "Hold fire from all weapons" now switches off autofire on all weapons
  • Panels with player names are not available in the battles in the MMO mode anymore
  • Fixed context tip for Warp Anomalies
  • Detachments shouldn't spawn outside the map border anymore
  • Fixed various "renegade" system issues.
  • You can now move cargo (button "cargo exchange") only between your own ships
  • Fixed reputation issues caused by building and upgrading stations
  • House leaderboard now correctly scrolls
  • Fleets mustn't spawn in the middle of the Pirate Base anymore
  • Reduced area of camera scrolling on the edges in battle
  • Default Camera moving speed in battles and on maps is increased by 30%
  • You won’t be able to move your fleet or do anything with the map when you are in a menu of a planet/station and etc.
  • Fixed incorrect display of the ship stats on selection
  • Clicks on the interface now won’t cancel ship selection
  • Patrols and Freighters must correctly declare player a renegade
  • The number of occupied slots in the shipyard is now correctly displayed
  • Fixed issues with Nebulord stations
  • A finishing battle music now plays correctly according to your sound settings
  • Fixed Mineworkers stations
  • Fixed Recall function issues
  • Connections between systems are now painted into corresponding colors



  • Strategic view implemented as a test feature: Use mouse scroll to switch to this mode
  • Ctrl+Alt+1; Ctrl+Alt+2; Ctrl+Alt+3 now changes vision mode in spectator mode
  • There is a "Repair all" button in the Shipyard now
  • By hovering your mouse over a specific star system you can now see its' level (according to Vortex level) and which faction owns it
  • Pushing Space button moves the camera to your fleet
  • Move a full stack of items by pressing a single combination of buttons - with SHIFT+Right Click
  • You can now track projects by choosing them in a crafting menu
  • Added a separate button which opens the Galaxy map. Also, scrolling with your mouse wheel won't switch the view from Star System Map to Galaxy Map anymore
  • You can now see where your fleet is at the moment - just find character icon above system
  • Fleets were removed from the radar to escape madness, while static objects are now there to make your navigation more comfortable and fast
  • Arrows along the edges now display enemy fleets and your own fleet
  • Systems with Gates are now marked on the Galaxy map so that it'll be much easier to find them.
  • Quests which require you to deliver items now let you know if you already have it in your cargo or inventory in the shipyard.
  • You can now hide information about resources required for a quest
  • Now you can zoom in to ships in the ship editor
  • Session results are now displayed each time you finish your session in the MMO mode
  • Fleet Abilities now have their own hotkeys
  • H button doesn’t close MOTD editing menu
  • Returned a button you can use to open fleet on the star system map (check settings)
  • Button "Build ship" is no longer available in the ship list, now it's in the top left corner

And more!

Features which are not available during this test:

  • Co-op matches
  • Brawls
  • Noxophytes race
  • Random events
  • Character profile
  • War Room
  • Some texts for ships, weapons and other items.
  • Texts for some faction quests
  • and some others we will surely add into the game later!
Please note, that most requirements related to IGC, reputation and experience points are still not completely actual. All previous progress was fully wiped to escape possible problems and let newcomers start in equal conditions with other players.
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August 2018