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October 25, 2017

Commanders! Starfall Tactics test is about to begin and we've just prepared a list of general changes and new content - follow linked news to find detailed information about most important changes:

New features

  • Crafting system
    • Equipment crafting
    • Changed recipes for ships
  • New resources - strategic resources
  • Salvaging feature
  • Personal structures:
  • P.Y.R.A.M.I.D., Screechers and Nebulords as separate factions:
    • Pirate stations
    • Pirate ships
    • Pirate fleets
    • Pirate equipment
    • Pirate buildings
    • Special abilities for each pirate base
    • Special chat messages for pirates
  • Faction progression system
  • Faction equipment: Ships, Modules and Weapons.
  • Basic Quest system - Tasks
  • Trading Posts on neutral planets
  • You can now warp from inhabited neutral planet to your Mothership. You can also warp back to all inhabited neutral planets you discovered. Both actions cost reputation points.
  • Ship progression
  • Challenges
  • Support Station as additional upgrade for control points


  • New battleships:
  • New modules:
  • Faction freighters:
  • Removed booster packs
  • Changed loot boxes in Survival mode
  • Reworked all NPC fleets
  • Pirates will now be able to jump through gates and follow you
  • Now AI fleets can join battles
  • Now AI fleets can get loot out of battles
  • Empty loot boxes now will look darker on the minimap and will disappear faster
  • Leave sector and warp buttons moved to the right bottom corner of the screen
  • Your character now gets XP for exploring new systems
  • Every hex in a star system can be explored now
  • Reworked Gate system: Now gates to systems you haven't explored will be shown as "Gate".
  • Now, if your ships use any warp jump module or just warp in, they won't be able to instantly use another warp module to jump further: ship navigation systems will go unstable for a short period of time and the next warp jump will be available only in 30 seconds
  • Changed existing maps in MMO mode to Hexagonal maps with new rules for leaving sector
  • Changed Ship Repair System:
    • Repair and refuel buttons now will not fix fully destroyed ships
    • Fully destroyed ships now have to be repaired with time in a shipyard
  • Removed leave sector button for mining instances
  • Now you can always see system name and coordinates in the top left corner of the screen
  • Added ability to instantly spawn the whole fleet for battles in the MMO mode
  • Reworked Detachments
  • Extended detachment progression: Now you can actually get levels and bonuses
  • Interface rework, improvements and new parts
  • Reworked Galaxy Map: added Regions system
  • Removed static objects from Radar and added icons
  • Retextured Eureka
  • Reworked Mass Shield
  • Reworked Shield Overload module
  • Added ability to turn ships while in ship editor. Ships also enlarge when you come to cosmetic customization editor.
  • Added ability to sort out ships you have resources for
  • Added new patching system: now patches will be smaller in size.


  • Fixed cursor hiding behind some buttons
  • Fixed settings menu
  • Fixed carriers and some other ships now move with correct speed
  • Fixed crashes while in ship editor
  • Fixed problem which allowed you to get xp multiply times for one battle
  • Fixed various carrier and fighter mechanics
  • Fixed Point Defense Module
  • Fixed Anti Missile System
  • Fixed Kinetic wall
  • Fixed house leaderboards
  • Fixed warning asking you to warp in ship in MMO mode even if your whole fleet is already warped in
  • and more.

Features which are not available during this test:

  • Parties
  • Co-op matches
  • Tutorials
  • Brawls
  • Custom Games
  • Noxophytes race
  • Random events
  • Character profile
  • War Room
  • and some others we will sure add into the game later!

Please note, that most requirements related to IGC, reputation and experience points are still not actual. All previous progress was fully wiped to escape possible problems and let newcomers start in equal conditions with other players.

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