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June 09, 2016

Pre-alpha event just started! Today is a great day when chosen Commanders have a unique opportunity to participate in creation of the Universe - we've just started the first ever Starfall Tactics' test and you can already play the game!

Check your email for a special letter which tells that you've been chosen and follow this instructions:

  1. Download Starfall Tactics launcher here
  2. Install it and update the game client
  3. Start exploring the Galaxy!
  4. Join in the discussion with other pre-alpha Commanders at our Forum.

Create and customize fleetsplay quick matches and discover the MMO part of Starfall Tactics - a huge Galaxy map with thousands of planets available to namepirates and rivals to battle!

If you haven't recieved a letter, it's also easy to check here whether you have been invited - if there is only the "Download Game Launcher" button, that means that you already have access to the event. Otherwise, you can get a key from giveaways on partner sites or wait for the next test which will come soon!


Remember, that it's a pre-Alpha version created for testing purposes and there is a lot of content we are still working hard on, so be kind to us if experiencing any problems with the game.

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