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March 31, 2017

Starfall Tactics has its own world, the big MMO part of the game we are working hard on - you could see the list of upcoming changes in brief in previous posts and in our roadmap: there are a lot of great changes and new content incoming.

So, in the third post about Starfall Tactics future, we are going to tell you about very important parts of the game: Economy and Colonization. Without these two things you would be just travelling across the Galaxy almost for nothing, but with them you always have a choice on what to do, how to interact with certain objects and get any kind of profit or power to conquer the Galaxy. So stand still and read: we are going to tell something you won't believe to!

New Detachment Menu (not actual screenshot, sketch).

Economy & Colonization

During a series of pre-Alpha tests we released the first version of Economy system, where the whole economy relied on resource distribution system and colonies built by players. Also, colonization of a single planet was a too easy task, which, unfortunately, didn't really reward its owner. Now colonization process is going to become a harder task, while colonies themselves become a more complex and rewarding thing for Commanders and Houses. In general, Economy in Starfall Tactics is going to rely more on interaction of Houses and Faction, than on automatic resource distribution, while still providing players with ways to earn and spend IGC.

Planet Colonization

As we mentioned above, planet colonization becomes a harder and more interesting task at the same time with giving more benefits and options for Commanders and Houses who owns it. Yes, it is also a more personal thing. Now planets can be colonized only by Commanders who already are a part of a certain House and have a certain amount of IGC and reputation.

Colonized planets will have certain characteristics and parameters:

  • Planet Characteristics (temperature, atmosphere and etc.) - determines how fast population can grow here, production speed and upkeep cost.
  • Upkeep Cost - amount of IGC a House should spend to provide a planet with material support. If there is not enough IGC, after some time colony passes under faction control, where it can be redeemed by any House.
  • Population - determines how many people can be involved in particular productions (plants, factories and etc.). Depends on how well this planet can be supplied with food. Unemployed population is engaged in the production of supplies (food), which are used only for the needs of the planet itself. The total number of people you need to grow food to feed the population depends on the parameters of the planet itself.
  • Tier - affects the value of certain parameters (for example - maximum number of Population) and the possibility of building certain plants and factories, also determines its current level. All colonized planets immediately get Tier 1. Once it meets certain conditions, House members will see the "Upgrade" button which levels up the planet. Now it will start requiring new type of resources to let new factories work. Also there is an opportunity to build a new factory. At the same time, if the planet begins to experience a shortage of steel, the production of the second level and higher will cease to work.
  • Production Cells - the number of places on the planet where you can construct various buildings (plants, factories and etc.).

And if earlier Commanders, who established a colony, could not directly influence it (except of bringing some supplies and fighting pirates), now its owner or any member of the House with an access to colony management can set their rules: manually disable or enable the sale and purchase of any specific resources and goods required for the production or produced on this planet.

Star system Fafnir with colonized planets. Before announced changes.

If planet needs resources, owner or any other House member with certain permissions can allow it purchasing resources from other players. In this case, any Commander from this faction will be able to come to the planet and sell his resources; and if you allow this planet to buy resources from faction, the planet itself will buy resources on nearby stations from time to time. Resource price is calculated automatically: depending how much planet needs it - for players, or on the average amount of this resource at all faction stations plus a small percentage.

New resources and production tiers

As you could already guess (or simply read in previous articles), there are going to be a lot of new resources and ways to get them in Starfall Tactics. Resources can be spent on building new Stations, modifications and crafting.

One of the ways to get these resources - building different plants and factories on planets colonized by members of your House. At the same time, all production and resources will be divided into four Tiers, depending on the complexity of production and required materials: for example on tier 2 you can use steel and build Chemical Plant which produces chemical components. All production and resources are closely interrelated - for example, organic is used in the production of chemical components that make it possible to produce plastic, which in its turn is an essential component for the production of augmentics.

Tier 4 production differs from other Tiers: in addition to generating resources, allows you to get good bonuses for the House and the colonized planet - for example, will allow your industry to develop a little better.

New resource system will greatly affect the significance of planets, resource distribution across the Galaxy and will force Commanders to take a more responsible approach to the protection of colonized planets and to House management - the fate of the entire faction will be in their hands.


Freighters carrying ore and supplies. Before announced changes.


In addition to the almost total possession of factional colonies, House system is going to have many other new features - we have already mentioned some: for example, Houses will be able to progress. The speed of House progression will directly depend on all useful actions performed by its' members - including battles with pirates, other factions, exploring the universe, participating in events, mining resources and developing colonies. Each new level expands its capabilities and scope of influence by increasing the following parameters: 

  • Number of members a House can have
  • Number of stations this House can conquer or build
  • Number of colonies a House can own
  • Maximum House Reputation 
  • and etc.

Also, Houses will be able to build Research Station we mentioned in a WIP article before, which, after some researches and certain actions, allows to get new abilities and bonuses for your House:

  • Production improvement
  • Accelerated population growth
  • Ability to colonize certain planet types
  • and other improvements.

In addition to the research for Houses, there will be general projects available, allowing to get access to the new equipment - we'll be telling about it in details later, in one of the next Work-In-Progress articles. Further we plan to add ability to build House Headquarters and other interesting features - don't hesitate to share your impressions and thoughts!


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March 2017