The second day of Starfall Tactics Winter Cup starts in a few hours - watch finals today!Subscribe to RSS

January 28, 2017

The 2nd day of Starfall Tactics Winter Cup is about to begin: it starts in 5 hours today (28th January) at 20:00 CET!

Don't miss the second part of the tournament - see countdown to the 2nd day of Starfall Tactics Winter Cup.

Today we are going to watch matches between Commanders who went through the Group Stage to Play-off. Here are their names: Resident, DIEHARD25, Kcalb, Ka0sKontrol, frontline, sheepnator, dragoninferno and Manni.

The best two Commanders will also face eachother in the grand Final, where our first ever Starfall Tactics Cup Champion would be decided in a best of 5 series! It promises to be an exciting show!

Watch live stream on our official Twitch channel with dev commentaries from D.Van and Prox:

Tournament brackest are available here:

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