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August 18, 2016

Ahoy Commanders!

The day has come to celebrate the second anniversary with Snowforged Team!

Its our Birthday, Yaaaay! Who could ever imagine the time will run so fast? Two years have past since we gathered together and decided to create a game and none of us could imagine a turn-based game will eventually become a space MMO...But it's more than real and we hope one day you will enjoy playing Starfall Tactics with us!

This year we had two pre-Alpha tests where you, Commanders, could finally play Starfall Tactics and help us in development process with finding bugs, mistakes and giving feedback. And that's where we are really thankful to you - this will help us create the game worth spending nights and days playing it. You also had an ability to spread your name among the stars and name a planet or even the whole star system - and there are still some undiscovered and unnamed corners of the Galaxy, so there is a chance to get a planet of your own during next tests!

Thank you for being with us - we hope to see you in Starfall Tactics soon :)

We love celebrating and sharing the joy of the moment with others and since we can't send pizzas to everybody (sorry, guys) and the game is still under development with all the cool content we could present to you, we decided to give access to further alpha testing to everybody who have already sent an application but haven't recieved an invite yet. Besides, we will become closer to you - starting this day, we will regularly post short notes about our development weekdays in Twitter and Facebook - stay tuned to know how Siberian developers deal with creating a space MMO RTW!

Check news section tomorrow - and be sure to find something interesting in weekly news about game development!

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