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March 23, 2015

Hey guys, V here - your friendly neighborhood project manager at Snowforged Entertainment. After some discussion among the team, we've realized that our previous Dev Diaries, while being interesting in their own right, were also rife with technical details. While this is attractive to certain types of readers, we'd like to spice things up a bit and try a different approach.

Let us know in the comments below whether this is the kind of voice you prefer to hear and how we can improve it. And of course, enjoy our latest Dev Diary!

Gather around, adventurers. Sit by the fire and listen closely, so you might know of the joys and perils of space.

I've seen travelers like you before, hands trembling with excitement, eagerness in their eyes. My heart is glad. For out here, in the comfort of explored space, countless opportunities await you.

For those that seek wealth, mining asteroids and discovering new trade outposts should be a lucrative endeavor.  Should one choose to aid their faction in the eternal struggle for territory, a nearby officer will provide missions to undertake and enemies to do battle with. Those that hunger for knowledge will travel far to discover new planets and uncover old secrets.

But not all is safe in this galaxy we all call home. Should a traveler leave their home territory, numerous challengers await them, devout members of enemy factions. They will also face former associates that have chosen to lead the life of ruthless pirates. Danger is everywhere, lurking behind every asteroid and hiding deep beneath the shadow of a nearby planet.

Only the daring, perhaps, deranged spacefarers will venture even further beyond the confines of civilization and into the Outer Regions. There lies a land, the land of the Great Unknown. There shine the Old Stars watching men from afar. There lie the remainders of ancient beings, caught forever in their sleep, their broken dreams scattered as heavenly marble.

In the eerie, quiet blackness, a lone wanderer can find the rarest resources, meet the strangest of creatures, obtain remains of technologies long lost and find their last breath.

The most seasoned of these explorers travel in groups. Proudly calling themselves clans, they band together under colourful banners, desperately attempting to hide their fear of the surrounding darkness.

Should members of such group survive the harshness of Outer Regions, they can no longer live among decent folk and wish to take no part in ordinary life. Instead, these clans set up outposts and erect bases on the various planets. Accumulating riches and training new blood, they fight viciously with other groups for territory, fame and power.

Once the dust settles, only the most dangerous, cunning clans remain. The rest of the world looks up at their fleets with fear and awe in their eyes. They are considered champions, immortals among mere men.

But nothing is eternal in this galaxy. The law of the universe dictates that as time flows, more and more newcomers get a chance to prove their might in the Outer Regions. And the battle siren sings yet again.

I dare you, young blood – come out here and forge your own experience. You, notorious traders, savage warriors, devious commanders, human. For it is in our nature to venture into the darkest abyss, to uncover the most jarring secrets, to be the first among equal and proudly proclaim our own existence.  

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