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February 28, 2017

Long, long (two years) ago, in a cold, cold city, we started creating Starfall Tactics, a Real-Time Wargame. Today we are coming back to 2015, when we launched our Kickstarter campaign: these hours, days and months which were spent to show Starfall Tactics to the world are some of the most memorable and important moments on our long development journey. It helped us get first impressions, set game development into the right direction and, of course, bring some attention to the project.

While preparing for the campaign, there were a lot of interesting moments including a huge part of the work process associated with video creation - making the original trailer was a really challenging task, we even had an article about it. Nevertheless, Snowforged Team will always remember those days as the most exhausting exciting time - and we would love to share with you some funny moments, bloopers, and madness we have experienced while creating our Kickstarter trailer!

So, let's watch this small flashback at Snowforged Entertainment trying their hardest to put together a Kickstarter campaign video:

Watch the original trailer here.

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