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January 16, 2017

Great news for everybody who missed Starfall Tactics - this month we're having two events at a time: Starfall Tactics Winter Cup and a one-week pre-Alpha test!

Test tournament is running on 27th January starting 20:00 CET for a Group Stage and on 28th January starting 20:00 CET for Play-offs. Get ready to watch live streams on our official Twitch channel - 16 chosen players will fight for the title of the best Commander!

And, to mark this important event we decided to open servers for everybody with Alpha access almost for the whole week - from 23th January 10:00 CET to 29th January 23:59 CET!  Although the list of new content might not be as huge as we usually go for - just remember, that we are in the process of preparing Starfall Tactics for the Steam Early Access - there is one very important change for all pvp players: New Ranked Mode! So, there is definitely something to pass the time ;)

Read more information about upcoming test, tournament and new features this Friday!

I want to participate! What shall I do?

Hurry up and send an application for the alpha test! If you already played Starfall Tactics during previous events - simply update the game a few hours before the test. And don't forget to join other testers at our Forum and on Discord channel.

Get ready to start conquering the Galaxy when the clock strikes 10:00 CET 23th January - you're going to have the whole week of fun, great battles and bug hunting!

If you have any questions concerning this event or how to play the game, please, read this FAQ or ask your questions at the forum.

Att. for newcomers: Make sure you use Win x64 - the game is not available for x32 systems! If there are problems while trying to download, install or launch the game - please, check this forum post first.

Warning: Work in Progress

Please, be kind to us if experiencing any problems with the game while evaluating Starfall Tactics - it's an early version created for testing purposes and there is a lot of content we are still working hard on. We will really appreciate you sending us bug reports and submitting any feedback by email to, via contact form or writing about it in a special forum. We will work on fixing any issues once this test phase ends and are going to add more content before next test, early access and, especially, full release - just watch our content roadmap here!

See you in Starfall Tactics!

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