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December 23, 2016

Hey Commanders, we have a great surprise for you!

Starfall Tactics is having a PvP tournament next week designed to test certain aspects of the game and make winter holidays more fun!

We invited the most active and experienced players, according to in-game statistics, to participate in it - 16 players will fight for the title of the best Commander in Starfall Tactics Winter Cup 2016! Watch live streams on our official Twitch channel, discuss it there or on Discord channel.

Test tournament will be held on 28th December starting 20:00 CET for a Group Stage and on 29th December starting 20:00 CET for Play-offs. Make sure you are in time and don't miss the first ever test tournament in Starfall Tactics!

You can find tournament brackets here (names of participants will be added later). Group stage will run under Double Elimination system, while Play-offs will use Single Elimination. The winner of each match will be decided in series of 3 games (best of 3 system), except for the Final match for the winner: two contenders for the victory are going to fight against each other in a best of 5 series.

Get ready to see great battles and tense matches!

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