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August 18, 2017

Hey, Commanders!

Snowforged Team is back here to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary and continue Starfall Tactics development to bring you many hours of exciting gaming experience!


This past year appeared to be very eventful: we had a lot of fun with having the first Starfall Tactics Winter Cup which we, also for the first time, live-streamed on our Twitch Channel. And we certainly have some plans on making another tournament along with the next test - and that's really good news for all who love pvp in Starfall Tactics here ;) Besides, there were four important tests: two Faction Wars tests where we tested many features for the MMO part, including ability to capture territories; a One-Week test to check new Ranked matches system and make a tournament; and a Character Test where we tested a huge update for the MMO mode.

That was a very exciting and productive year as the project got a lot of updates and meaningful changes: dozens of new ships and modules, new ranked matches system, new interface, ship progression, huge space structures, House (guild) system, carrier, new races, mining, Challenges, Personal Space structures, strategic resources and much, much more. We hope that upcoming year will bring even greater events, tests and updates as we come closer to the open stage. Make sure you are ready for action!

In this very special day we also would love to give many thanks to all of you, who stays with us for these three long years of development, helps us test the game properly and just was excited enough to join the party ;) That's you who inspire us to continue making Starfall Tactics better with each day and add more and more features you would love to see in the game!

Stay with us and Snowforged Team will sure show you how a noticeable space MMO RTS can look like. Remember to always share your dreams and thoughts on Starfall Tactics - every word is valuable for our Team!


And of course we pepared a news update for you today with some curious info on crafting system and new ship:

Crafting: Equipment

Crafting is a huge and important part of the game: it was implemented previously in the most basic form, for crafting ships. Now, as more resource types and ways to get them are to be added, we extend this system to something greater. It is also a very significant part of the gameplay as it, obviously, helps you get necessary things for your ships and other in-game activities.

As you might remember from other articles and ship crafting experience, to build something you need a project (that's a working title for a disposable blueprint) - which is a single disposable thing you can get through many ways: acquire by leveling up, find as loot from NPC ships and bosses, get from research stations or black markets, buy from various space markets for IGC or just get by any other way.

"...To build a ship, you will need to get a ship project ... and spend certain amount of resources. It's not so difficult if you have a couple of faithful comrades and your own House. Ship project is a disposable thing." Ranked mode, MMO and tons of great features article

The same way is going to be used to craft equipment: just get the project, materials and start crafting in a special menu in Shipyard. Equipment crafting also requires some time to be completed, depending on the complexity of the certain construction - you will see a timer saying how much time left until your equipment will be assembled and ready to be used. You can feel free to play the game while it is under construction.

There are other important things we should mention here:

  • To craft faction equipment like special Nebulord lasers you will need, for example, a couple copies of usual laser, some resources and special parts which can be salvaged only from Nebulrod ships. That works for all equipment from NPC factions.
  • There is an equipment you can get only or mainly by crafting it.
  • Some projects can allow you to craft a pack of equipment - 10 Screechers autoguns, as an example.
  • To craft something you will always need a project. Project is a thing of a single use only, so if you want to craft two Screechers Helskors, you need two projects.
  • Projects are not account-wide items: each character should get them by their own.
  • In addition to ship equipment, you will be also able to craft other stuff: for example - special consumables which are used to establish Personal Space Structures.

If you played some other MMO games, this crafting system should be familiar for you - it's pretty usual for many games and yet enough comfortable along with being entertaining - at least, you don't need to spend hours sitting and watching at grass.

Instead, you just enjoy your playtime while collecting all the necessary resources, fight NPC factions in different events, explore the Galaxy or engage into battles with rivals who has a cargo full of precious resources!

Kolgrim Deprived Battleship

In Starfall Tactics, there are two ship classes which don't have a wide range of ship models: cruisers (special ~400m long ships) and battleships (~750 long ships, such as one of the most popular Deprived ships - Bishop). Both of them have only one ship model with four modifications, which sometimes can have not as much variations as you want to fit well into your Detachments.

And here we come with an additional battleship model for each faction. The first one is Kolgrim for Deprived:

Kolgrim is just as fast and lightweight as other Deprived ships. Besides, thanks to advanced engine system, some modification might have better maneuverability parameters and a good acceleration time.

See other ships in the next articles ;)

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