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February 01, 2017

Starfall Tactics Winter Cup 2017 is over and we have a lot to say about this exciting event!

First of all - thanks to all participants and everybody who watched our live-stream - we'll do our best to improve it next time and make it all even more exciting to watch.

All Commanders fought bravely for the title of Winter Cup Champion in Group and Final Stages, but there always can be only one winner. Grand Final brought us several intense battles - none of contenders wanted to give up: DIEHARD25 and Dragoninferno played 5 sets, and only on the 5th match Dragoninferno snatched the victory from his opponent, catching him on a mistake. And here is the full official list of the finalists:

Winter Cup Champion: Dragoninferno

2nd place: DIEHARD25

3rd place tie: Kcalb and Sheepnator

Interesting fact: The shortest match during this tournament lasted 3 minutes 14 seconds - that was a set between DIEHARD25 and Kcalb in the Semi-Finals.

And a couple of words about prizes:

  • All participants, including ones who participated in the Group Stage, receive unique tournament forum badge and tournament emblem.
  • Winter Cup Champion gets a Founder (Starter) Pack of a highest tier.
  • For the second place and the third place we are granting lesser Founder (Starter) Packs for each corresponding place.
  • Other participants get basic Founder (Starter) Pack.

Rewards will be delieverd once they're done: forum badge - this week, tournament eblem - when we implement this mechanic, founder packs - when it becomes available in the game. Founder Pack content, their official titles and tiers are not identified yet - we will announce it separately.

In general, the whole tournament went even better than we thought it could happen for the group of developers who's never run such events before. The only thing we regret a lot is that we haven't recorded the Group Stage fully - hopefully, that was the only time when we haven't recorded something and you forgive us this time ;)

You can watch Final Stage recording here:

Analysis & future plans

This tournament, along with a test we had this week, gave us a lot of valuable information concerning current balance state and generally what way do you guys play the game.

First of all, Piercing Cannons appeared to be a huge problem there due to high armor penetration chance: in combination with focus fire it got about 80% chance to penetrate, which is unaccaptable by any measure, and we are definitely going to change this situation. Also, even though we've seen a lot of modules in the tournament, some of them didn't appear at all: Shield Overload, Mass Shield, Scanner module, Kinetic wall, Stasis module, Plasma web, Anti-Missile system and Sensor Disabler. We will review them and change if needed. Of course, there were also things like most popular weapons, factions, modules and ships - partly that's normal, and partly we are also going to review it.

There are some other issues, but don't worry - now, with your help, we are aware and are busy taking care of them to make Starfall Tactics be the game of your dreams ;)

We can't pass through the way participants played Starfall Tactics during the tournament: Most players chose a tactic when you have a certain fleet concentrated on one thing/goal/weapon, with only a couple of modules for the chosen strategy and performed really well with this strategy.

But there were three participants, who played matches exactly the way we envisioned it to be played - and, what's even better - they're all finalists. Dragoninferno, DIEHARD25 and Sheepnator not only found ship builds with good effectiveness, but also took care of several important nuances and one very important fact:

You never know exactly what your opponent is going to do in the next battle.

Will there be tones of rockets, where you need a lot of armor to defend? Is he going to use massively shielded ships, where your energy weapons become extremely weak? Or, perhaps, his active armor will make your large shells from sniper ships useless?

To escape a situation when your carefully designed fleet becomes useless, these guys used all 20 ship slots or, at least, most of it, and a set of modules with different specialization. This allowed them to quickly adjust their tactics, perform unexpected maneuvers which, in combination with their other skills, let them advance so far and preform exciting battles for the name of the best Commander of Wither Cup 2017. And our Team is really thankful for that!

So, what about cybersport, future plans and Starfall Tactcs?

As you can remember, Ranked Mode puts all players into totally equal conditions by giving them a set of equipment and separate fleet. We successfully tested during this pre-Alpha stage and Tournament, performed very well and we decided to develop it further, adding more features and improving certain aspects: in particular, we have plans on changing rating table and, possibly, adding other Ranked Modes. This time you could test almost all existing modules and ships, but later we are going to change rotations regularly, making ranked players adjust their tactics and try new strategies. 

Also, Winter Cup shown one very curious and important thing - that Starfall Tactics definitely has some cybersport potential and we are able to develop this aspect of the game further. We do plan to have some fun tournaments from time to time and are currently discussing the possibility of developing cybersport aspect and making it one of recognizable eSports disciplines in the future. We would also love to know what you think about it - feel free to post comments on the forum!

Сheck out weekly Starfall Tactics news to be aware of upcoming tests and changes!

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