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January 20, 2017

Just a few days left until the start of the next test and it's time to talk about other important changes we have.

Boarding module rework

Boarding is overall a really interesting module which allows you to capture some ships instead of destroying them and get additional unit on your side. There is no doubt it's a great utility module, but recently, along with the help of several players, we found out that it allowed you to get an enemy ship too easily, with minimal efforts. So, we decided to do a great rework to make it more balanced and here is the list of changes:

  • Boarding Module now uses ships' crew: that means the more you use it, the less crew remains on your ship. Each activation spends 200 crew.
  • On activation it launches 5 capsules during 15 seconds - one capsule per 3 seconds, which makes it harder to capture enemy ship.
  • It also has lower range - 4000m. And if an enemy ship gets away from the range of Boarding module while it's active - it won't be able to launch a capsule.
  • Due to all these changes and the fact that it spends crew of the ship it's installed on, this module has a very low cooldown - 5 seconds. 

Also, we fixed anti-missile system and now it correctly tries to destroy boarding capsules. Be sure to test it next week and let us know your thought :)

Eclipse dreadnought - Timur

The third new dreadnought is finally ready and will soon appear on the battlefield with Merlin and Muramasa! It's strong frontal part made the destiny of this ship as clear as day: ramming is definitely something you can enjoy doing with Timur. 

Three new dreadnoughts - Timur, Muramasa and Merlin - are joining the game next week.

Pirate changes and other improvements

​During the previous test we added a lot of features for pirates and successfully tested it with your help - and here are some important things we changed for them:

  • Now pirates won't try to always cowardly escape the fire and will try to quickly find and eliminate you.
  • Pirates no longer will ignore damage if they don't see the attacker.
  • Pirates spawn rules on Galaxy Map and maximum numbers were changed to exclude situations with star systems overwhelmed by them.
  • If you attack a Pirate Station, nearby pirates will receive a signal and come to defend it.

We also changed some other stuff for the upcoming test, including weapons, modules and ship layouts - the full list will be published on Monday.

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