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December 17, 2015

Starfall Tactics' WIP article is here! While we are trying to dig out the snow drifts, you can read news about Starfall Tactics and discuss new modules and Vanguard Mothership at our forum.


Vanguard Mothership

Red giant Excalibur, second Mothership, is one of the creations Vanguard engineers are proud of as it represents their hard military power in the best way and, from some points of view, can remind of a famous sword.

Vanguard Mothership plays just the same role as other ships from this class: it is an important object on the map you must not lose! Besides, Motherships allow you to spawn additional units, recharge ammo and get a repair drone - three things which will definitely help you survive in a long battles!

EMP Module

To let the game be more diverse we continue creating modules, turning players' tactics in an unexpected direction and giving more opportunities and ways to express their personal playstyles. So, more special equipment has just been added to Starfall Tactics, and the first one is the EMP module.

The EMP module gives you an advantage when fighting against ships with tones of shields and regeneration cells: it immediately takes off a fixed amount of energy shields from all ships in target area. Although it still can't destroy regeneration cells, this module gives an opportunity to deal with some hard-shielded enemies faster, which of course means taking less damage from a rival's fleet.

Plasma web Module

Plasma web helps deal with a swarm of small ships, like Talaria or Bruno, by continuously damaging every target in a specific area and will also probably get an additional slow effect in future. In combination with the EMP module it can work like a real bomb. But take into account that it costs a significant amount of ship's capacity and fleet points.

This spider is ready to spread out his nets and catch some delicious vessels - just get a proper strategy and ship to equip it!

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