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February 11, 2016

More content incoming! New ship for Vanguard, upgrades for control points and a very-very heavy armor have just come into Starfall Tactics to surprise you with a variety of available customization and tactical options.


Helskor, the second Vanguard frigate, is ready to join the battle! This small ship wants to be your best quick strike force, flying around bigger vessels and laughing at their inability to turn the right side and get a hit with missiles.


Control Point Upgrade

To make your quick matches more interesting and intense we've just added some interesting mechanics, allowing players to upgrade control points. 

By capturing control points one can now not only get more warp points, but also gain access to three differents upgrades:

  • Warp Station -  additional warp points income and additional place for warping-in ships;
  • Outpost - increased field of view and stealth revealing;
  • Battle Station - defensive construction equipped with weapons which can shoot nearby ships.

Each upgrade has a warp point cost and applies instantly. Upgraded control points have hit points, armor and shields and can't be captured until you destroy upgrades.


Heavy Armor

Armor is a good way to protect your ships from most non-energy weapons. But what if your ship doesn't have enough slots? Heavy Armor is here to help you! Being really heavy and actually significantly slowing down ships, it grants so much armor that even smallest vessels can feel protected, for at least first few seconds of the battle. 


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