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September 30, 2016

Hey, Commanders! We have some good news for you: starting now you will be able to add capacity to your ship, quickly get information about surroundings in Discovery mode and, as many of you asked, create custom key bindings!

Key Bindings

Have you ever dreamt of using WASD for camera controls and making your own pro key bindings? Well, at least according to the feedback we received from you during previous tests, most of you did. And as this feature was identified as a highly required lesser improvement, we decided to implement it before the next test.

Now you will be able to change key bindings the way you like it through the settings menu - for both quick matches and Discovery mode. To do it - simply click on the second column, press a key you want to assign and it's done!

Information boxes in Discovery

Space is usually quite an empty and boring place. However, in Starfall Tactics, galactic-wide conflict made thousands of systems look alive, filled with different objects: some of them are pretty natural while others can be a result of human activity in exploring the unknown and fighting with each other.

To let you get around and understand surroundings better, we added an ability to see information about objects in hexes. By left-clicking on a hex in space you will get a small window with a picture and a short description of all objects inside of it.

Energy Core

If you ever had a ship with a huge engineering bay and lots of weapon bays, you might know that sometimes you don't have enough capacity to fit it the way you like. And this module will help you in resolving this issue - although it's huge enough (3x3), it still can work for you as a life-saving feature adding some capacity to your favourite ship.

At the moment this module is available only through fleet progression in a single copy. 


September is almost over and who knows, what is coming in October? Stay tuned and never miss important information about Starfall Tactics development!

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