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November 13, 2015

What could be better then a couple of silent minutes with Starfall Tactics news? Only hundreds of it spent in-game! Today, on Friday the 13th, in our 10th Work in Progress article, we talk about our launcher, module icons and ship blueprints.


As every online game, Starfall Tactics is going to have a special launcher with all the usual stuff, like Update/Play buttons, along with latest news and everyting else you would normally expect and we will ever want to add there. And we've made a mockup of what it will probably eventually look like:

So, here it is. Although you are going to see it only for few minutes or even seconds before pushing the "Play" button, we are going to make sure it feels and looks just right!

Module icons

Although module icons might be not the most interesting thing to investigate, we'd love to present some just for you! Here we wanted to try out more MOBA-like thumbnails for our abilities, instead of going pure monochrome. At the same time, it can work well as we plan on having a lot of different module blueprints in our game and players will need a very clear and quickly-recognisable imagery to help them navigate the UI jungle.

That's what it looks like. Try to guess which action each icon represents and feel free to leave a comment at the forum!

Ship Blueprints

Can't find a ship you need in a bunch of the same looking blueprints? Not a problem anymore! These epic pictures represent spaceships, letting you know easily which one you want to add to the fleet:

*Note that all descriptions and stats are subject to change.

Look, they are awesome! 

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