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November 20, 2015

Welcome, space captains! 

We're happy to see you here today, reading fresh news and waiting for an alpha version of the game. While we are fixing bugs and preparing some interesting things to make Starfall Tactics experience even more exciting, you can look at some new screenshots!

Fleet Editor

This week we've run several inner-circle tests and saved some interesting screenshots – today we're showing you a couple of them related to the Fleet Editor. In comparison to the old one, this time it shows all the information in more convenient and beautiful ways, ensuring you feel comfortable while assembling another super-vessel and planning out the winning strategy.

Ship customization process is an important part of building your strategy and can take a lot of players' time, to think through and find a module combination which will both satisfy their needs and fit general requirements, such as capacity and tech points cost. On the screenshot below you can see an Advisor equipped with beam weapons, shields, shield cells, armor, engines and warp module. In the left corner we present all technical information about it, on the top of screen you can see ship and fleet Tech Points cost, on the right side - all modules available to you, split into corresponding categories.

The fleet editor screen shows you which ships you have in your fleet along with providing necessary information about every single vessel – structure hitpoints, armor, shields and shields regeneration, dps, range, max and turn speed, TP cost, class – and, obviously, giving you the ability to add new ship or delete some.

So, that's what it all looks like at the moment. Although we hope you'll enjoy this version, we are not going to stop and will eventually add more functions you will need and make it all in the best possible way!

Module blueprints

Do you remember a picture with different guns and modules? If not – just read one of our previous WIP articles here. It finally found it's way into Starfall Tactics – you can see it in blueprints and even on ships themselves. Several examples of blueprint cards are here just for you to enjoy:

Projectile weapon


Beam weapon

*Note that all descriptions and stats are subject to change.

These examples represent just a very small part of what we plan on doing concerning blueprints. As diversity and wide customization ability are very important game features, we think on adding about 200 or more module blueprints at release and even more after it!

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