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December 11, 2015

This WIP article is dedicated to all who love explosions, kamikaze playstyle and green friendly drones: here we introduce a super module of self-destruction and a repairing tool.


Self-destruction module

Equiping self-destruction module will deliver some unexpected troubles to enemies - at least if a kamikaze ship manages to get close enough to deal damage. It's obvious to make small ships with this module but if your tank or utility ship has free slots it can work as a very weighty "final word", turning the battle in your favor.

This skull is definitely having fun, making some great explosions and eating dozens of ships. 

Repairing drone

Ones who follow Starfall Tactics long enough might remember this friendly green drone. Now it gets a proper job - fixing broken ship equipment and repairing armor, which is a very important part of the strategy: use it wisely and it will help your ships return home in time without losing strategically important dreadnoughts. Just remember: nothing is done for free and this drone will take plenty resources for repairing ships.

In PvE mode you can just pay some points and push a button like this - it summons a repairing drone which has a limited lifetime and repairs selected ship.

Yes, that's the drone we are talking about and the one which will save your fleet's life!


Sometimes, while creating particular stuff for Starfall Tactics, we experience funny glitches. Of course, it's always fixed so players can just enjoy their playtime when it's done. But we're really sorry somebody can miss a chance to smile on this Friday and are happy to share a little part of Starfall Tactics' development history with the help of these crazy gifs. 

Note: not actual gameplay.

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