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February 16, 2018

New Frontiers Open Test starts next week and there are still some things we haven't announced yet. Luckily, it's time for another WIP article where we will share all the curious information about the most important changes:

Special abilities for fleets

Action bars on the global map are not going to stay empty anymore: as an introduction to the character progression we would love to implement a bit later, we've added several special abilities your fleet can use. These abilities can be used on the global map - of course, each one has a limited duration and a cooldown. They are granted with each level up, starting from level 1 and limited with level 5 at the moment as we want you to check it all out during the upcoming test ;)

Here they are:

  • Advanced Sensor - increases you vision radius in the system.
  • Engine boost - temporarily increases your fleet movement speed.
  • Long Range Scanner - opens vision in the selected area on activation.
  • Fleet Warp - allows your fleet to warp within short range inside a star system.
  • Stealth - hides you from other fleets, reducing range on which they can notice you.
  • Engine Nullifier - disables enemy fleet engines for a limited amount of time, making it stop. 

Later we plan to add more fleet abilities to Starfall Tactics and announce all the changes to character progression system.

Mining System Rework

Mining in Starfall Tactics is one of the main ways to get resources which you further use for crafting ships, equipment or sell for IGC. Until that moment, mining used to have several issues, causing troubles and making the whole process a bit more painful than it should be. So, the whole system had to be reworked and adjusted a bit to make ming a thing you can enjoy. Here is a short list of changes:

  • All resources are now distributed among all asteroids flying around the asteroid field, but there are not so much of them now.
  • When you first see the asteroid - it looks empty, just until you approach it: mining modules now passively scan all the asteroids and reveal resources they contain. After that, as usual, you can activate your mining modules.

Check out the whole mining system in the upcoming test and let us know your thoughts about these changes -  all the feedback is much appreciated.

New Eclipse battlecruiser-class freighter - Artaban

Meet the new Eclipse battlecruiser-class freighter - Artaban:


And that as the third freighter to join Starfall Tactics! It's not yet in the game and needs its' own hull characteristics, layouts, and the right place - but we will surely add it asap. Maybe even before the upcoming test ;)

See you next week in Starfall Tactics!

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