Privacy policy

Policy regarding the processing of personal data and the implementation of requirements for their protection (privacy policy) This policy regarding the processing of personal data and the implementation of requirements for the protection of personal data (hereinafter - the Policy) refers to the software products of Snow Wolf JSC (hereinafter SNOWFORGED), such like the game “Starfall online” (hereinafter referred to as the Game), the official Internet site of the Game, the Form of the Game at The policy describes how SNOWFORGED processes personal data, what rights are granted to you in connection with such processing. The adoption of this Policy is an essential condition for granting license rights. If you do not agree with this Policy, do not use the SNOWFORGED Services listed below.


1.1. This Policy applies to (collectively, the SNOWFORGED Services): the Starfall online online game, which is a computer program, including the software and hardware necessary to provide it, the client part, the server part; account (s) in the secure part of the website (hereinafter referred to as the Personal Account); the site, all its sections, subdomains (hereinafter referred to as the Site); requests for technical support, other departments and online chat (hereinafter - Requests); relationship with SNOWFORGED and you based on the subject matter specified in this paragraph.

1.2. This Policy does not apply to the services of third-party developers or suppliers, platforms, social networks, services that can be accessed through or integrated with SNOWFORGED Services, as well as links to them (hereinafter - Third-Party Services). For example, when making license payments, you can be redirected to the site of the payment system, and you can leave a comment on the Sites using the integrated comment service. The processing of data in these cases is beyond the control of SNOWFORGED. Such Third-Party Services are independent data operators and act on the basis of their own privacy policies, which you need to familiarize yourself with before using such Third-Party Services. Special rules clarifying the provisions of this Policy may be contained in contracts, regulations that determine the conditions for the provision of SNOWFORGED Services. You need to carefully read and agree to each such document.


2.1. The processing of personal data is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation (hereinafter - the Applicable Law): the Civil Code of the Russian Federation; Tax Code of the Russian Federation; Federal Law of the Russian Federation of July 27, 2006 No. 152-ФЗ “On Personal Data”; Federal Law of the Russian Federation of July 27, 2006 No. 149-ФЗ “On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection”.

2.2. When processing data, SNOWFORGED takes into account the requirements established for data processing in the European Union - the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


3.1. SNOWFORGED may process personal data and other information (including anonymized) that is not directly related to personal data. For example, technical characteristics of devices, connections, error reports, ways of interacting with interfaces (hereinafter - Additional data).

3.2. SNOWFORGED receives information from the following sources:

3.2.1. Personal data provided directly by you: The user provides such information when creating an Account, sends Requests, acquires rights to inactive data and commands. This data is required by SNOWFORGED to fulfill obligations under license agreements, agreements, make payments, fulfill tax obligations, and protect against claims, lawsuits, and fraudulent transactions. The data received from you may include: surname, name, patronymic; E-mail address; registration address; payment details; phone number. Taking into account the age limit for participation in the Game, SNOWFORGED checks the date of your birth. At the same time, SNOWFORGED does not collect and store payment card data. SNOWFORGED does not check the data you enter and assumes that you act in good faith and all the information you provide is reliable.

3.2.2. Additional data processed when using SNOWFORGED Services: A) Log data (log data). Our servers automatically record technical information about access to them. This happens when you open the Site, download, install, launch, use the Game, use your Personal Account. Log data may contain an IP address, browser specifications, data about the date, time, duration and sequence of actions. B) Usage data. SNOWFORGED collects information about how you used SNOWFORGED Services to make them more convenient. Such data may include the type of device,operating system version, technical error reports, and quantitative usage parameters.  Data from the gameplay and interaction with other players within the Game. C) Cookies. SNOWFORGED uses cookie technology (and similar technology) to collect information. For more information, see the Cookie Policy section.  C) Data provided by SNOWFORGED by third parties. In most cases, you may choose to allow, prohibit, or restrict the disclosure of information by a third party. For example, you can log in to Sites using social networks. At the same time, you independently allow the social network to provide SNOWFORGED with your email address, name, or other information. SNOWFORGED can't get any information on its own if you don't allow IT in the social network settings.   

3.3. SNOWFORGED does not process special categories of data: biometric data, information about political or religious beliefs, criminal records, health status, or other similar data.  


4.1. SNOWFORGED services offer opportunities for social interaction, such as in-Game Chat, online Forums, and more. Other players, users of SNOWFORGED Services can, for example, see your profile data, some game actions, and read messages that you post in the game and on forums.

4.2. You should remember that any visitor to the Game's forum Can read your posts that you post. Any information that you post on the Game forum And / or Chat in the Game, including your username and other information about your account, will be available to all users and visitors of this Forum or Chat, and in this case can no longer be considered confidential. SNOWFORGED also cannot guarantee the security of such information disclosed in a personal message to a Forum user or a player inside the Ira, because in such a case you pass the information to a third party, and you acknowledge that you provide such information at your own risk.  

4.3. SNOWFORGED strongly recommends that you do not provide personal information on forums and other public sections of the Site, in the Game. SNOWFORGED does not perform mandatory moderation of input data and is not responsible in case of their public disclosure.


5.1. SNOWFORGED uses personal data strictly in accordance with applicable law and the purposes for which the data is collected.  

5.2. When processing personal data, SNOWFORGED follows the following principles: - processing of personal data is carried out on a legal and fair basis; - processing of personal data is limited to achieving specific, predetermined and legitimate goals, and the content and volume of processed data should not be excessive. It is not allowed to process personal data that is incompatible with the purposes of collection; - it is Not allowed to combine databases containing personal data that are processed for purposes that are incompatible with each other; - Only personal data that meet the purposes of processing are subject to processing; - when processing personal data, the accuracy of personal data is ensured, its sufficiency and relevance in relation to the purposes of processing personal data, and in necessary cases, the necessary measures are taken to delete or clarify incomplete or inaccurate data; - personal data is Stored no longer than the purposes of processing personal data require.  - Ensuring security against unauthorized or illegal processing, as well as against accidental loss, damage or destruction   

5.3. Personal data is used by SNOWFORGED to: a) Fulfill mutual obligations between SNOWFORGED and you on the basis of contracts and agreements. (B) Compliance with legal requirements. For example, in order to comply with tax laws. C) making payments, managing and administering accounts, and controlling payments. D) Protection against copyright infringement, fraud, and other unfair behavior.  E) Improvements, support, and upgrades to SNOWFORGED Services. This processing is necessary to prevent and eliminate errors, ensure security, correct technical problems, and analyze and monitor usage. F) user Interaction, such as responding to Requests. G) mailings and other types of communications. At the same time, SNOWFORGED can send several types of messages (including email, SMS). System messages are required for timely fulfillment of SNOWFORGED's obligations to you. They are necessary to ensure the functioning of Services SNOWFORGED. Marketing and advertising messages are sent only if you have given explicit consent to receive them. You can always set up receiving such messages in your Personal account. (I) conducting research using depersonalized data.  

5.4. When processing data for the purposes specified in clause D - G — with the exception of marketing and advertising messages — SNOWFORGED assumes that there is a valid legitimate interest.

5.5. In the cases and for the purposes specified above, SNOWFORGED has the right to analyze, process and segment all collected data.


6.1. SNOWFORGED stores data for as long as necessary for the purpose of collecting it and in accordance with the requirements of applicable law.

6.2. Despite the user's request to delete information, SNOWFORGED has the right to store information if it is necessary for legitimate business interests, performance of obligations and dispute resolution. 

6.3. Upon reaching the processing goals or if the need to achieve these goals is lost, the data is subject to destruction or depersonalization.  


7.1. SNOWFORGED discloses information to third parties only in cases stipulated by this policy or applicable law, and only to the extent necessary for the purpose of disclosure. So, disclosure is allowed to: - providers of additional services on behalf of SNOWFORGED. For example, services that produce email newsletters, activity monitoring, social interaction tools, in-game advertising and Analytics, sub-executors, and licensors. Such providers will only use personal data in accordance with SNOWFORGED's instructions and for the purposes specified in this Policy. - In order to comply with applicable laws. For example, data may be disclosed if the competent authority requests it. - Snowforged affiliates for the purpose of fulfilling their obligations to You. - In order to prevent illegal actions, protect the rights and security of SNOWFORGED and other persons, and protect them from claims and lawsuits. - When transferring information during the reorganization of SNOWFORGED, as well as entering into agreements on the transfer of rights under contracts. In this case, SNOWFORGED has the right to disclose information to the person acquiring the rights under the contracts, as well as to the person who is formed as a result of the reorganization. - Generalized, aggregated, and non-personalized data. SNOWFORGED may disclose non-personalized statistics, such as the most frequently used features.  - In other cases, when obtaining the user's consent.  


8.1. Serious technical and organizational measures are taken to protect SNOWFORGED data. In particular: - the person responsible for organizing the processing of personal data has been appointed; - local acts on the processing of personal data have been approved. They establish procedures for preventing and detecting violations and eliminating the consequences of such violations; - apply legal, organizational and technical measures to ensure the security of personal data during their processing; - conduct periodic checks of the conditions for processing personal data; - employees who directly process personal data are familiarized with the provisions of the legislation on personal data, including requirements for the protection of personal data, documents, and other internal documents related to the processing of personal data.  

8.2. SNOWFORGED cannot guarantee that information during its transmission over the Internet or during storage will be absolutely restricted from intrusions. However, SNOWFORGED uses pseudonymization and data encryption where possible.  


9.1. SNOWFORGED does not process personal data of persons who are under the age of 18. If you believe that SNOWFORGED may have received personal data from a person who is under the age from which it can provide independent consent to processing, please let US know using one of the methods described in the section  


10.1. SNOWFORGED has the right to make changes to this policy taking into account changes in legislation and business processes. All changes are subject to publication on the SNOWFORGED Website. If changes directly or indirectly affect the rights of users, SNOWFORGED will send a notification by email and / or using Your personal account and / or publish it on the Site. If you do not accept the new version of the Policy, you must stop using the SNOWFORGED Services. Continued use of SNOWFORGED Services after the new version of the Policy comes into effect will be deemed to be their full and unconditional acceptance.

10.2. This policy will take effect from" 01 " November 2018.  


11.1. SNOWFORGED collects personal data and processes it using databases located on the territory of the Russian Federation.

11.2. For users from the EEA or Switzerland, Russia is a jurisdiction outside the European economic area that has not been recognized by the European Commission as providing an adequate level of personal data protection. Therefore, Snow wolf has taken appropriate measures to ensure that such processing is carried out in accordance with the current EU data protection rules.

11.3. SNOWFORGED may assign processing of data specified in the corresponding application to users located outside of SNOWFORGED's location. In this case, the Processors will provide a level of data protection not less than that set by this Policy.  


12.1. The data operator is: JSC "Snow wolf", 664017, Irkutsk, Raduzhny district, 34A, of. Five

12.2. Any requests related to data processing should be sent to your email address, and in writing to SNOWFORGED.

12.3. SNOWFORGED will strive to review incoming requests as soon as possible, but in any case, no more than one month.  


13.1. The user is guaranteed to comply with their rights in accordance with Applicable law and recognized norms of international law.

13.2. The user has the right to:

- Withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data (if the processing is based on consent). For example, if you agree to receive advertising or marketing information, you can always unsubscribe in your Personal account.

  - Getting information about the processing of personal data. By keeping this policy up-to-date, SNOWFORGED ensures that you receive accurate information about the data collected, processing purposes, and other aspects of processing.

- Access to information, update, change, and update information. In most cases, the status of your information is managed in your Personal account.

- Right to object to processing. The user has the right to object to the processing of his personal data for direct marketing purposes.

- The right to restrict processing. This right allows only in strictly defined cases, such as, for example, challenging the accuracy of data (during the period of data refinement), establishing the illegality of processing. In the event of a request to restrict processing, SNOWFORGED may not perform any type of processing without the user's consent. However, without such consent, the processing necessary to protect against claims and claims may be performed.

- The right to export data and, if technically applicable, to import it. This right can be exercised by the user at his request in the Personal account. Data is exported in CSV format.

- Right to delete. SNOWFORGED has the right to continue processing data after the request is received, if this is allowed by applicable law.  Other additional rights may be granted by applicable law.


14.1. By continuing to use the SNOWFORGED Services, you agree to the use of cookies and similar technologies. If you do not want these technologies to be used, make the settings as described below. Cookies are small text files that are saved on your computer or mobile device when you use SNOWFORGED Services. Each Cookie is unique for each Account or browser.  The use or refusal of cookies is only under your control.

14.2. SNOWFORGED uses both session and persistent Cookies. Session cookies are created only while your Internet browser is open and are automatically deleted when you close it. Permanent cookies are created for a period until they are deleted independently or the expiration date specified in such Cookies. SNOWFORGED also uses Cookies that are set by third parties, such as Analytics systems such as Yandex.Metric, Google Analytics. Some Cookies are associated with your Account and allow you to provide your authorization. Other cookies are not associated with your account, but they are unique And allow you to save settings, interface elements, preferences, and choices. The Cookie allows you to use all the features of the SNOWFORGED Services.  

14.3. Cookies used: Method of use Description Authorization If you have entered your credentials on the Site, the Cookie allows you to save the ability to go from one page to another while maintaining access to protected areas. Without these files, the site may not work correctly. Security these Cookies, in particular, allow you to identify unfair behavior and the use of bots. Settings and Cookie processes store information about the language you use, form completion, and system status. Marketing Cookies can be used to implement marketing campaigns (for example, display ads) and analyze their effectiveness. Cookies can also be used in email newsletters to analyze opening, reading emails, and clicking links in them. If you live in European countries, you can disable the display of certain advertising systems, for example, using the services, / improved stability, Analytics, and Cookie development to help collect and analyze information about how users interact with the Site and Personal account. It is not identifying. 

14.4. Most modern browsers allow users to manage their security settings. In particular, the user can prohibit the storage and use of cookies, set exceptions for trusted sites. The settings for each browser can be found in the documentation. Third-party cookies, such as Google Analytics, may be rejected on the Google site. As well as restrictions on the use of "pixels", "web beacons", for example, social networks, can be made in the security settings of social networks.

14.5. If you restrict the use of cookies, the normal functioning of the SNOWFORGED Services may be disrupted. For example, settings may not be saved, authorization may not be performed, messages may not be sent, and so on. SNOWFORGED does not accept any responsibility if it is not possible to use the SNOWFORGED Services due to restrictions on the use of cookies.