Our team

Aleksey «MadScorp» Grigoryev

Lead Game Developer

Brutal game designer and a savage beard beast. Accepts no boundaries between work and personal life: plays online games at home, brings one to life at work. Listens to metal on weekdays, plays metal with a band on weekends. Fun fact: can’t write using pen and paper.

Favorite games: Quake, StarCraft, Half-Life, Neverwinter Nights, Heroes of the Storm.

Pavel Guralnik


An avid strategist at heart, Pavel is well-versed in the tactical combat genre. He has led a rebellion against a ruthless monarch in Jagged Alliance 2, commanded a squad of armed collaborators in Fallout: Tactics and fought countless battles across the vast landscape of browser strategies.

Favorite games: Warhammer 40:000: Dawn of War II, Rome: Total War, the StarCraft series, UFO: Enemy Unknown, the Civilization series.

Roman «Expar» Khramtsov

3D/SFX Artist

Roman loves playing board games, experimenting with different game systems and getting ahead in MMOs. Also, he owns a house in a small village. Just thought you should know.

Favorite games: Mass Effect, Deponia, Lineage 2, MTG, Arkham Horror.

Ivan «D.Van» Khoroshev

Art Director

An ancient sentient beard in control of a semi-functional adult. A webcomics connoisseur, Batman enthusiast, unrecognized karaoke champion and master of the dark arts. Enjoys narrative-driven experiences and being really bad at mainstream FPS games. Non-imaginary hobbies consist of watching cartoons at home and wishing he was at home watching cartoons.

Favorite games: Bastion, Cave Story, Undertale, Half-Life 2.

Gennady «DrBanana» Pakhomov

2D/3D Artist

For a long time he dreamed of doing things he loves and getting paid for it. As the dream has been realized, he doesn't want to leave his workplace. Adores hardcore slashers, values balance and class division in games. Afraid of zombie pandemic, but can't miss a chance to watch a new zombie film. He has also been waiting for a full series of "A Song of Ice and Fire" novels to come out for a long-long-long-long time…

Favorite games: Dark Souls series, Thief 2, Mech Warrior series

Aleksey Kononov


A hardcore film fan that dreams of flying into space… to watch movies?

Favorite games: Dune II, Shenmue, Resident Evil, Mirror`s Edge.

Alexander «Akahei» Borisov


A fan of robbing caravans and enslaving miserable peasants. An experienced explorer of fantasy worlds, fair programmer and just a good guy. Afraid of the invasion of MOBA survivals about zombies. His favorite color is red, COZ DA RED GOEZ FASTA!

Favorite games: Dwarf Fortress, Team Fortress 2, League of Legends, Total War series, The Elder Scrolls series

Sergey «d0lser» Zverev


Making games is his big childhood dream. Adept of pain and suffering in games. In his free time Sergey prefers to wander somewhere in mountains with a backpack, a large backpack, well, a reeeally large backpack...

Favorite games: Dark Souls, The Witcher, Fallout, Battlefield, Overwatch

Mikhail «Mishaea» Yartcev

Junior Developer

Dreamed to become a programmer even before he knew what programming is.
Spent many years of his life on MMOs and Anime, while others went to school and got knowledge.
Studies Unity in his free time to stay balanced.
Started playing MGS only from the fifth part - just because he appreciates freedom of action and progression in games.

Favorite games: Command & Conquer series, MGS V, Half-Life 2, Call of Duty series, RPG genre

Aleksey «Qweel» Bormotov

Game Designer

Sportsman, activist and adept of balance in everything. The person, who decided that making games is even more interesting than playing it and went out into game design with head. Balancing on the brink of the light and dark side of the force, he belives that he is worthy to wear purple lightsaber. Professional cold-water diver who can dive anywhere and get everything (and everybody)!

Favorite Games: StarCraft, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Silent Hill, Tomb Raider, Factorio

Andrey «Borzy» Kostylev

Game Designer

A huge fan of tabletop roleplay games, an experienced GM.  He spent more time inventing new worlds and stories, than doing anything useful during his life. In games, most of all, he values holistic worlds and interesting plots. An owner of a pretty solid library in Steam, most of which he’s never launched, and is not going to launch it ever.

Favorite games: Tabletop roleplay games (D&D, GURPS, *W, Fiasco etc.), MtG, Baldur's Gate series, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series, The Banner Saga

Vasilisa «Relampago» Sergeeva

Community Manager

Vasilisa fell in love with games from the first sight. Although she never reads quests, she’s still able to enjoy the beauty of hand-crafted worlds and thinks about it as of a piece of art. Used to study five languages, but doesn't know what to do with all of it for now.

Favorite Games: Warcraft series, Overwatch, Journey, Dragon Age series, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Zoe Laletina

Video Director

Aspiring director of photography, brilliant programmer and an all-around talented young professional. Likes to read books by Jean-Paul Sartre and marvel at the paintings of Claude Monet. And also watch animated TV shows. Her list of favorite pastimes does not include writing short misrepresenting bios for internet profiles.

Favorite games: StarCraft/WarCraft series, Skyrim, Portal, Heavy Rain